Maintenance Platforms

General Description

All Enmech Stabbing Boards & maintenance platforms are designed and manufactured with the emphasis on safety and reliability and to provide the operator maximum access to the tubular string.

Designs are fully tested and certified by an independent authority to verify conformance to customer requirements.


Stabbing Board comprises:-

• Fully fabricated rail section and travelling carriage assembly, complete with derrick attachments for securing to derrick.

• Platform powered by an air winch fitted with an automatic fail safe brake, designed for a safe working load 225Kg (500lb).

• Independent safety locking mechanisms, which automatically operate in the unlikely event of winch cable/brake failure.

• Limit switches automatically prevents the carriage from being powered into the top and bottom of the track.

Safety Enhancements

Standard features include:-

• All boards comply with current UK Health and Safety recommendations.

• Automatic fail-safe brake incorporated into the pneumatic winch. The brake operates whenever the air supply is interrupted. It will also operate if the load attempts to ‘run away’.

• Safety lock fitted to the stabbing board carriage which operates automatically in the event of winch rope or brake failure.

• Secondary safety lock on the stabbing board carriage automatically locks carriage in position when the winch control valve is in the neutral position.

• Shock absorbers prevent damage in the event of the platform being driven under power to the bottom of the track.

• The lifting and safety ropes run between side rails for protection

• Safety mesh screen is fitted between the vertical track rails for operator protection.

• Emergency escape ladder runs parallel with the stabbing board track providing a safe means of escape from the stabbing board at any position.

• Non-slip platform surfaces provided for operator safety.

• Safety mesh is provided at the rear of platform for operator safety and protection

• Sturdy belly belt is fitted for comfort and safety of the operator.

• All control valves are spring return to neutral position.

• Safety factor of not less than 10:1 is designed into the lifting and safety systems.

• Attachment point is provided to secure the operator safety harness at the top end of the track.

Stabbing Board Options

• Powered Stowage provides stabbing platform with capability of being fully folded when not in use.

• Designs available to suit the smallest folding mast or largest offshore derrick

Choice of finishes are available:-
• Hot Dip Galvanised
• Shot Blast and Zinc spray.

Testing and Design Approvals

• All Enmech stabbing board are fully tested and design approved by an independent third party.

Quality Control

• A fully traceable documentation package is supplied as standard.

• Summary of load applied to installation supplied with each board.

DATA SHEET- Casing Stabbing Board