Power Tong and Back Up Test Stands

General Description

The Power Tong and Back-up Test Stand is a facility designed for testing all combinations of powered tubular make-up equipment to a maximum size of 30” diameter.
The equipment is capable of controlled reaction of operating torques of up to 100,000 lb-ft. in both make and break configurations.
All Enmech Test Stands are designed and manufactured with the emphasis on operation, safety and reliability.

Performance Data


Controlled operational torque range:                                      0-100,000 lb-ft.

Operating speeds:                                                                     100 rpm max. up to 30,000 lb-ft.

60 rpm to max. 100,000 lb-ft.

Maximum static torque capacity:                                             125,000 lb-ft.

Pipe size range:                                                                         2 3/8” to 30” diameter



Height:                                                                                         10’ – 7”     (3225mm)

Width:                                                                                           8’ – 6”        (2597mm)

Length:                                                                                        11’- 4”       (3460mm)

Weight:                                                                                        16,000 lb (7270 kg)

Power requirements


Electrical:                                                                 220 V supply for cooling fans

Pneumatic:                                                              145 psi (10 Bar)

DATA SHEET- Tong Test Stand

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