General Description

Enmech Fabricated Centralisers are of Heavy-Duty design and construction offering exceptional performance in the field. Typical applications include: Riser through Guides – Open Hole – Casing Inside Casing


Enmech fabricated centralisers are of all welded steel construction engineered for heavy duty application, centralisers are generally configured with either 6 or 8 radial straight blades and are available as a single one piece slip on type or alternatively two piece wrap around design. The two piece variant is also available with optional hinges to aid assembly and can also be supplied as a clamp on type for positive location.

Specially engineered over coupling designs can be provided to suit most applications.

The one piece centraliser is located in position by means of separate stop collars or can be provided with integral locking screws.
The split design allows centralisers to be installed during any phase of the operation and the clamp on type affords good axial loading capabilities being able to be fitted to coated pipe and risers with minimum damage to surface coatings. The length of the centraliser can be engineered to suit the riser guide where appropriate.


Split centralisers are fitted with stainless steel fasteners double nutted to lock to join the halves together. Other locking arrangements are available to meet individual requirements such as stainless steel grub screws for the slip on type. For the clamp on variants torque tensioning of the fasteners is recommended to achieve rated performance figures.


All types and sizes 9 5/8” through 36” available. Usually made to order or to agreed production schedule. Please advise exact requirements at enquiry stage


Centralisers can incorporate the following options:-
Sacrificial Anodes to reduce corrosion- Elastomeric Buffers to aid reduction of noise and vibration- Adjustable Blades to allow for misalignment of riser template.


Centralisers fabricated from plate to BS EN10025 S275 and RHS to EN10210 S275J2H; alternative materials available on request


Centraliser shot-blasted and Zinc-rich epoxy primed as standard. Alternatives include various paints, hot dip galvanised to BS729, table 1, flame-sprayed aluminium or zinc, black epoxy coal-tar finishes, or customer specification.


Size clearly marked on each centraliser.


The following supplied as standard with each order:
Material Certification; Welder Qualification Certification; Certificate of Conformity / Inspection Certificate, Coating Report/Certification. Third party certification available on request, at extra cost


Centralisers will be shrink wrapped onto a standard wooden pallet in suitable quantities.


Centralisers are available in quantities to suit the requirement of the customer. Enmech has designed centralisers and downhole accessory products for many years and have an extensive register of designs covering most sizes of tubing, casing and riser. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in this field allows us to react quickly to technical queries and provide recommendations without delay.

Enquiries for single or multiple items are welcomed.